Spectators v. Non-Spectators

On a recent call with our Tribe Member and PWW Triad member Sally Anlin (you can contact her here), we were discussing and simultaneously practicing mindfulness (per the amazing Ellen Langer method of actively noticing new things).

As we were talking, our conversation shifted to the question of those who tend to go to large public events versus those of us who tend to avoid such spectacles.

In the first category, we have people who we call the Spectators. They go to fairs, concerts, sporting events, and the like. If they cannot go there physically, they watch the game on TV. On the other hand, the Non-Spectators avoid these events. And when they do go, they are often counting the minutes until it is over.

Although we (the Non-Spectators) must admit to missing out on a lot of entertainment along the way, the larger question is how much do the Spectators miss in terms of creating, learning, and connecting more deeply with others?