How to Create Your Dream Job Now™ - Part 1 (Video)

In the carnage of the current economic situation, we felt it was important to offer a free course to assist people with not only finding a job, but finding a job they love. A dream job if you will.

With that said, even in the best of job markets, it is important to find a way to enjoy what you do within a company you resonate with. We know many people who have spent 20 or 30 years with an organization they detested but stayed with them because they did not see a way out. Well, in this course, you will discover the way out. 

The process we will use has been used many times over with our private coaching clients. What is amazing is that it always works! In some cases, it has yielded almost miraculous results.

On this recording, you may hear some background sounds such as birds singing, wind blowing or airplanes passing by overhead. I recorded this intro outside in the Virginia countryside (while walking) to add as much mindfulness as possible to the recordings. Hopefully the lack of a quiet studio effect will not be a distraction.

Course Assignments for Part 1:
Find a partner to work with you on this course. Ideally, you will have two people to work with you (a Triad) so you can get the most out of it.