Dream Job Coaching Session - 2015 - 07 - 30 Excerpts

Here is the audio excerpts for this week's How to Create Your Dream Job Now ™ coaching call. Thanks to everyone who participated and made the discussion meaningful! 

Be on the lookout Monday for the next session. We will be looking at Core Values and how you can discover them (its not what you think it is).

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Preparing for Opportunity

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.
~ Milton Berle

A window of opportunity opens when a set of circumstances and personal preparedness come together (at the same time). When this happens, there is a potential for real success. Do the work now to be prepared for when the opportunity knocks. Start building the doors and windows today.


Newest Whole Foods Market Opened It's Doors Today

Every person alive has the potential to learn and grow to contribute their unique creativity toward making the world a better place.
~ John Mackey
One thing we try to do is not just talk about conscious businesses, but to actually shop there. If you want to see positive things happen in the world, the only real way is to vote with your dollars. As long as we seek out the “lowest bidder” we are supporting the race to the bottom. Not much excellence down there. Not much fun either. On the other hand, if you support conscious businesses, they will thrive and continue to deliver all kinds of goodness.

Our team will be traveling to the newest Whole Foods Market tomorrow. It opened today in Ashburn Virginia. We plan to report on what we noticed in an upcoming post.


Don’t Wait Around for Your Organization to Get It

If you are waiting for your organization to “catch on” and “get it,” you will likely be waiting a very long time. There are people in the know who see the tidal shift taking place and they are adjusting. They are hiring new management teams capable of understanding what being a conscious business means. Capable of shifting the culture to one of collaboration and full participation. They understand that the train has already left the station and they know that less-than-conscious businesses will simply not make it in the future (even as they ride-out their legacy status).


Strengths v. Weaknesses

Only those who constantly retool themselves stand a chance of staying employed in the years ahead.
~ Tom Peters
We can spend a lifetime trying to fix weaknesses only to end up unfulfilled and under serving our own best interests. The alternative is to find out what we are really good at—our strengths—and begin focusing all our efforts there. Why? Because the data suggests that when we use our strengths every day we are happier, more successful and end up contributing in a more significant way. Checkout this week’s class on How to Create Your Dream Job Now ™ and join us for the coaching call on Thursday. We are focusing on discovering your strengths this week!


How to Create Your Dream Job Now™ - Part 4 (Video)

This week we focus on your strengths. One of the key takeaways is don’t spend a lot of time trying to fix weaknesses. That’s not very productive. It’s a waste of time. Instead, discover your strengths and put them to use every single day.

This is important because all of the studies conducted around strengths seem to point to a very interesting fact: If you use your strengths on a daily basis, you will likely be happy, satisfied and successful in your career!

Your assignment for this week is after you watch the video, take at least one but preferably both of the online assessments:
  • Authentic Happiness (click here)
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment (click here)
    • Alternate path for StrengthsFinder: You can buy the book here StrengthsFinder 2.0It will include a code so you can take the online assessment for free.
Meet with your study partner or Triad and discuss your results. Answer these questions:
  • Can each of you see how your strengths show up in everything you do?
  • Can you notice times when you were using your strengths and felt more alive?
  • Discuss five ways you could begin using your top five strengths right away (either at work or otherwise).


Dream Job Coaching Session - 2015-07-23 Excerpts

In this recording, excerpted from our group coaching call, we discuss how to create an invented future and provide a real example from a client who did this work with great success. We also discuss the traits of a conscious business and talk about some things to look for when sizing up a prospective company.

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Conscious Leaders Upgrade Their Vocabulary

Conscious leaders eliminate the word ‘should’ from their vocabulary. They replace it with the word ‘could’ or ‘will’ or ‘what if.’ After that, there is a totally new energy that shows up. Rigid thinking disappears. They can then weave new ideas and new habits into their daily life with the intended outcome of increasing health, happiness and freedom for everyone.  The impossible becomes possible.


On Finding Your Higher Purpose

Wonderful things happen when a person finds their Higher Purpose in life. Everyone has two purposes. One is unique to you and can only be discovered by you (usually through a lot of deep searching). The other, common to all humans, is love. Without love, you can never find your own unique purpose. You may obtain fame and fortune but these things are not part of your purpose. The real message is to learn to love (everyone at all times in all circumstances), then let the other good things flow-in freely and naturally.  Since this is a journey, best to get started now.


Let Go of Who You Think You Are and Become Who You Know You Need to Be

Some people in formal leadership positions try to use fear to control others. Why? Because they themselves are afraid. They fear failure (and success), they fear the employees, they fear customers, and they fear the “higher ups” be they on the board, The Street, or upper management. This fear turns them into petty tyrants who spend their days “putting out fires” and aging prematurely.


How to Create Your Dream Job Now™ - Part 3 (Video)

In Part 3, we delve into LinkedIn. We talk about setting up your profile and then super charging it. When it comes to business, LinkedIn is "where it's at." If you must find extra time for LinkedIn, cut back on other social media platforms this week. Come along and get up to speed.


  • Complete your basic LinkedIn profile (or improve your profile if you already have one).
  • Apply the power tips discussed in the video.
  • Start adding more connections (both weak ties and strong ties).
  • Meet with your Triad and review your LinkedIn profiles.
  • Share an update on LinkedIn from an article or blog you like (such as 


Leadership is a Journey Not a Destination

Pinning on gold bars or receiving the MBA diploma is great. But (wake-up call!), it does not make you a leader. Neither does the law degree. Or the PhD. Or the MD. Sorry, but as significant as these accomplishments are, they only mark the beginning of the journey.


Excellence V. Lame Commitments

Today, there are lot of new services popping up almost every day (online and otherwise). Some look appealing and we sign-up for free. Then we decide to pony-up cash for the Pro Plan. Then, a few months later we discover they are changing the terms of service. It might be that you started out with phone support, then it dropped down to email support and finally it bottoms out to a group bulletin board. This is lame to say the least. The level of integrity of the business is called into question.

If you are going to play the game (any game) then play full-on. If not, step aside and let the ones who are truly committed to excellence take the field unencumbered.