How to Create Your Dream Job Now™ - Part 2 (Video)

In Part 2, we talk about the current situation in the world, the economy and the current job market. The idea is for you to get an accurate picture of current reality and take a glimpse into the future. What will happen if you do not take action? What if the status quo remains the same?

Keep in mind that even if the economy were to suddenly shift for the better overnight, your intention by taking this course is to create your dream job for whatever stage in your career you are at now. With that in mind, you are moving forward regardless of what anyone else is doing. You are in fact creating a desired future. You are making your own luck!


  • Meet with your partner/Triad
  • Discuss the current situation in the world and your own situation.
  • Discuss how your future looks if everything stays basically the same.
  • After you look at your own situation and the future, answer the question: “Is this what I want?”
  • If the answer is no, discuss what a great future would look like. Dream a little. Think big and outside the box. 
Note: Have one person write down what you discuss or record the discussion.