New Ideas v. Old Thinking

There is an old saying about “stinking thinking.” It refers to the fact that old thinking does not work. It is stale. It has no present moment value.

On the other hand, new ideas are like pure gold. They are new because the present moment has brought them to us. They most often come when we are not actively pursuing them, at odd moments.

The question is what will we do with the new ideas. Unless they are captured, they evaporate as quickly as they came. You may get occasional glimpses of the new idea after they pass but it is almost impossible to get them back. What to do?

Be vigilant
Be on the lookout for the new idea. Actively stay awake and aware. Know that they will show up and be alert for their arrival.

Capture Immediately
Don’t make a mental note to do it later. By that time, the new idea will be gone. Write it down now. Keep the notebook by your bedside. Force yourself to write the second you are up.

Look for Practical Applications
Don’t take all new ideas at face value. Usually, they are coded. They come from the symbolic world of the unconscious mind. Work with them to see how they can be applied. Use the maxim from Linus Pauling that “the best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas."

Be Playful
We are far too serious as a species. We want to lock-on to the familiar patterns all too quickly. By playing with ideas, we get to see their potential. It costs nothing other than the time we spend with them. Being playful with new ideas is a sure sign that a creative break-through is close at hand. 

Get to Work
We all know, good ideas are never enough. Without action, nothing happens. If you do not feel inspired to bring the new idea into fruition yourself, share it with others in some way. Give it away. Sell it. Drop it in a “suggestion box.” 

The world of thought can be a magical adventure. If you find yourself having cool new ideas, it may be time to start doing something useful with them. Let’s all get to work (to play) and see where we can go in the future.