Leaders Love to Learn

​It is true that leaders are readers.  As Taleb says, only the autodidacts are free.  But it is deeper than that.  A real leader learns from experience.  They notice that less than 20% of performance ratings have anything to do with actual performance.  They might notice that close to 95% of performance rating systems are dismal failures.  They notice, they learn and they take action.  The leader refuses to keep doing the same thing and expecting to get a different result.


Leaders Love Transparency

If you don't know what you are getting into, there may be a "gotcha" somewhere down the line.  Great leaders eliminate the fine print, literally and metaphorically.  They treat others with respect.  They love transparency.  You know what they stand for and their word is truly their bond.  This is how the most successful businesses operate and this is where the future of leadership is headed.


Leaders Love to Rejuvenate

The category of rejuvenation is huge.  Without it, we simply are not very effective.  Leaders take their rejuvenation needs seriously.  They get enough sleep, they get silent time and they may read something inspirational first thing in the morning.  They may also schedule a "do nothing day" periodically as our friend Ralph White advises.