How to Create Your Dream Job Now™ - Part 4 (Video)

This week we focus on your strengths. One of the key takeaways is don’t spend a lot of time trying to fix weaknesses. That’s not very productive. It’s a waste of time. Instead, discover your strengths and put them to use every single day.

This is important because all of the studies conducted around strengths seem to point to a very interesting fact: If you use your strengths on a daily basis, you will likely be happy, satisfied and successful in your career!

Your assignment for this week is after you watch the video, take at least one but preferably both of the online assessments:
  • Authentic Happiness (click here)
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment (click here)
    • Alternate path for StrengthsFinder: You can buy the book here StrengthsFinder 2.0It will include a code so you can take the online assessment for free.
Meet with your study partner or Triad and discuss your results. Answer these questions:
  • Can each of you see how your strengths show up in everything you do?
  • Can you notice times when you were using your strengths and felt more alive?
  • Discuss five ways you could begin using your top five strengths right away (either at work or otherwise).