Trust v. No Trust

Today's post is from our friend and Tribe Member Greg Chambers. Thank you Greg!

Great leaders love trust, but know it has to be earned.  Trust is not bought and sold like a commodity. Trust is not solicited or prescribed through mere words of "Trust Me."

True leaders earn trust through their actions and the manner in which they carry out their daily work. Trust is what happens when a leader's actions are consistent with their words and commitments.

Trust is the keystone of all the other values. For no one, especially the people that work for you or work in your organization, will perceive you to have any other values if they do not perceive them from a perspective of trust. For example, no one will believe you to have Integrity if they don't trust that you will act consistently with integrity. You cannot be counted on to be accountable if you have not built trust in your actions to be accountable.

Build trust, and you have a great foundation for the other cornerstones of your leadership.