Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Conscious Leaders Care about Re-Invention

Can old-line businesses re-invent themselves into more conscious businesses?

A few months ago, I was leaving Mom’s Organic Market when I noticed I was blocked-in by a delivery truck. The driver gave me the signal that he would be right out, so I would have to wait for a few minutes.

One thing struck me as odd. What was this particular delivery truck (known for selling sugared water) doing at Mom’s Organic Market? I watched the delivery guy load up the dolly and to my surprise, he was loading cases of Honest Tea! Here was a company known for creating high-fructose-corn-syrup (HFCS) laden drinks with their attendant health concerns, delivering a more conscious beverage product.

As it turns out, they are shifting their business model, by using their extensive world-wide distribution assets to begin delivering water, tea and other things to places that need it. We can all re-invent the way we do things to add more goodness to the world (rather than subtract from it).

What assets does your organization have that could be used to deliver something better to the world? How can you re-invent the way you are showing up to have a higher positive impact?