Friday, June 12, 2015

Conscious Leaders Care about Loving Kindness

What? Loving kindness? You may be asking why write about that. Well, our friend and tribe member Bill Cumming says that “Loving-kindness is what is required in every situation.”

Every situation is pretty broad. That would include work life, family life, financial life, personal life, etc. Basically all situations. That’s a pretty sweeping statement to be sure. And here is the rub: “You cannot give unconditional love unless you have experienced it.”

Wow! How do you do that? First, realize that “Pain exists, suffering is optional.” Here are some additional insights: 
  • All damage is caused by people who have no experience of their value and worth in the world.
  • Unwell people are likely to damage themselves and others.
  • There is no one to blame, there is only taking responsibility.
  • Many unwell people are not interested in creating a planet for everyone.
  • Thinking you are brighter than another is an indication of insecurity and fear.
  • Thinking that your position makes you better or more important is a sign of insecurity and fear.
  • Any judgment or evaluation of another means you have completely misunderstood the nature of the Miracle.
  • Every single action, word and thought is either a demonstration of loving-kindness or other.


If you would like to go to the next level, I highly recommend checking out Bill’s next live program here

Note: I am a board member of the Boothby Institute. The mission is all about giving others the actual experience of loving kindness (not just more words and theories).