Thursday, June 18, 2015

Leadership is What We need Most Now

What is most lacking in the modern world? Leadership? Possibly.

There are a lot of managers, a lot of laws, lots of rules to follow. These things are becoming increasingly ineffective. Rules work when a system is static. When there is a change in the system, the old rules do not work. New things need to be done. Leadership is what we need most now.

What would a new kind of leadership look like? It would find ways to:

  • Simplify the routine.
  • Focus on the important.
  • Open the doors.
  • Remove all non-essential elements from the experience.
This new leadership applies to organizations at all levels. If we want new results, we must change our approach.

What are you doing to lead us into the future? Is your organization “going down with the ship” or is it actively working to serve all stakeholders?