Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gardens v. Cans

As a young boy (age 5) we lived in a boarding house run by two old Italian men named John and Tony. These were truly old school Italians who made their own wine, cooked their own sauce and had a huge garden out back.

Because they took a liking to me, they roped off my own little plot in the garden for me to plant my own veggies. I planted squash and cucumbers. Despite me digging up my garden every day to see if it was growing, the veggies did grow. And at a very early age I saw the miracle of a garden.

Today, most of us only see veggies if they come out of a can (if then). Many people avoid them altogether. Why? It may be the taste buds have been ruined by too much sugar, HFCS or artificial sweeteners. Maybe too much wheat, corn or soy in the diet. Whatever the cause, it may be time to re-consider the garden. 
Maybe the garden manifests in your own back yard (best). Maybe you seek out local farmers or go to the farmer’s market if your town has one. Maybe you just visit the grocery store and stock up on what’s in season. 

Where are you substituting the real thing for what is not real? Does your organization place a premium on making an extra dollar over providing true value to the customer?