Friday, June 19, 2015

Right Sized v. Over-sized

Besides downright unethical practices, one of the most annoying things that come out of old-model businesses is the idea of bundled services. Or the idea that they know what is best for the customer.

A cable company will bundle everything into a package when all you really want is internet access. The internet is what you really want (and it should be priced, at most, around $10 per month). Instead, you are paying for TV commercials and phone (what you probably already have via other providers).

Then there is the cell phone service provider that offers “unlimited data” only to penalize customers for exceeding 3GB of data in a single billing cycle. Or the internet hosting company… Or the online payments company... Or the soft drink that delivers enough fructose in one cup to last a month... need we go on?

How well are you listening to your stakeholders? Does your organization try to trick the customer into buying things they neither need nor want?