Monday, June 29, 2015

Making a Mess v. Clean-up

Now is the time to take 100% responsibility. Make a realistic commitment to clean-up your mess (and follow-through). You are, after all, the one “in charge.” One way or another, you are responsible for what is going on. 

It is time to take responsibility. Only you have the power to right a wrong. It is up to you. Will you make things right or just die going down in the golden parachute?

In recent years we have seen the carnage of a lack of integrity in business and government. Yes, in many places we’ve heard about and others not so well known (underway as we speak). If you know there is trouble brewing under the surface, why not get to the heart of the matter now.

Do you have a trusted agent to hold you accountable (who has no vested interest in the outcome)? Is there anyone in your organization designated to hold people’s feet to the fire until the situation is resolved?