Saturday, June 6, 2015

Conscious Leaders Care About Reputable

Have you ever camped at a National Park in the United States? Ever stood around a camp fire with friends only to notice one guy’s boots were two sizes too large. They flapped as he shifted his feet to stay warm. These monstrosities were too close to the fire and were in danger of burning. No one said a word. He himself did not know it until it was too late... until his boots were on fire [true story].
Now, imagine going to a National Park.  Shenandoah National Park is an awesome place to imagine (one of the best ever). You want to visit the Visitor’s Center at Big Meadows. What if, when you arrived, it said “closed” on the door? What would you think? What if you were on a long-range backpacking trip covering several states on the AT and needed a map from that particular visitor center? Well, luckily, at this point in history, the visitor center will be open. You will get the assistance you need. 

The National Park System (NPS) is largely free of national politics. They exist to do their thing which is to provide easy access to beauty to millions of people each year (thank you Rough Rider).

In a recent article, we learned that Whole Foods Market (WFM) currently ranks No. 3. as one of
America’s most reputable retailers.  We have pointed this out before but it is nice to see that others notice too.  Read about it here.

So, why write about the NPS and WFM in the same post? Because they are both true to their mission. They have a Higher Purpose that they live every day. The same energy and enthusiasm of a Park Ranger pointing out the night stars in Big Meadows is present in a WFM associate telling you about a particular product in the store. It is a positive experience on both accounts.

Note: If you have not visited a national park, camped out for the weekend, or gone for a backpacking trip, we highly recommend it. All of the activities discussed in this post expand your level of consciousness. You will see things differently during and after the adventure. 

If you have never been to a Whole Foods store, we highly recommend that. Maybe the best thing is to go to REI on a Wednesday to pick up some gear. Hit WFM on Thursday to stock up on provisions. Pack up the car. Then head to your closest National Park on Friday right after work for a weekend adventure you will never forget.

How true are you living your Higher Purpose? Does your organization have a Higher Purpose? Does it walk (hike) the talk?