What We Noticed at the New WFM

On Friday, July 31, 2015 our team traveled to the new Whole Foods Market (WFM) in Ashburn, Virginia. It was packed with the lunch crowd when we arrived. The usual energy (love buzz) we have come to expect from WFM was present. This is despite having only been opened for a day. 

Walking in the front door, we were greeted by the fruits and veggies section. Jack Fruits the size of Volkswagen bugs (ok, maybe not that big) were stacked high next to the watermelons. There was a special section for exotic mushrooms, bananas, peppers of every kind and organic tomatoes on the vine. Tasting bars were everywhere. We tried all kinds of goodies.

As we made our way toward the salad bar we passed the seafood section stocked with fresh wild caught sockeye salmon and snow crab legs on ice. There were artistically prepared crab cakes and other seafood delights under the glass. 

We passed the meat section, the dry goods sections, the wine section and the beer on tap section. The prepared foods were rocking. At the cheese station we sampled organic goat cheese spread on Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps topped with an ultra-thin slice of salami (cured only with sea salt). Amazing!

What we noticed:

  • The customers were having a blast
  • The employees were friendly and helpful
  • The salad bar was spectacular
  • The store layout, although not as big as some other stores, was great
  • A beer bar in the back near the tables was a nice touch with outdoor seating and an upstairs area too
What we were hoping to see:
For some reason, we thought this was going to be another huge store like the one in Fair Lakes that has four (or five) restaurants within the store (this is Loudoun county after-all). With that said, it was a great experience. It is now the destination whenever we are in the area.

Photo Credits: Joy Racines