Coaching Can Set Your World on Fire

About 70% of what we do here at CMC is some form of coaching. We coach executives who wish to improve their leadership. We coach retiring military officers who wish to transition into a new civilian career. We coach teams to help them work as a team instead of as so many individuals. We coach entrepreneurs who are starting a new business and wish to avoid some of the common pitfalls. And we coach folks who really want to find a job they absolutely love doing.

Tonight, we held a group coaching call as part of our How to Find Your Dream Job Now program (the free version here on the blog). It was a small group with spectacular energy. We left the mics open so there was a free-flow of sharing. We discussed everyone’s core values and higher purpose. At the end, we could all feel the amazing connection between the participants (who decided they would like to meet as a group to support each other and work on the course material together).

We will post excerpts from the call tomorrow. We wanted to extend the invitation to everyone else who is taking the course on the blog to join in with this very special group of people on the coaching calls. You can sign up here:

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